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happy st. patricks day.. so im the only one who updates in the community- no big deal

-in order to speak to his equal and irishman is forced to speak to god- braveheart

title or description made it in the 8th grade!
title or description
title or descriptionhidous picture of me today.. im bad at taking pictures of myself
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i'm part of the community but obviously my posts never get shown or something, or i don't know how to post in communities. Happy St Paddy's to you!!

PS real nice house by the looks of it!!not a bad t-shirt either, i presume you're american what with the reference to 8th grade agus gach rud mar sin. (Irish) if you're really Irish you'll understand it haha!!
I am American, but I love being Irish. I got a tattoo of a shamrock. Some would say im obssessed.

and I suppose you beat out my Irishness.
I am part of this community too. I am Irish but I am obsessed with Italy. Have you ever been to Ireland before?
yes i have been, and actually i own an apartment in rome as well. have you ever been to either?
An apartment in Roma? You are so lucky. Yeah I have been to Rome before and I am going back again in June. Also I am from Ireland. I live in Limerick. What part of Ireland did you go to?
a small town named Listole (its where my mom side of the family is from) i went to Dingle, mostly around County Kerry- i want to spend a simester in galway. I would also like to go to county mayo - its where my dad's side is from. Im so jealous i wished i lived in Ireland. Where in Rome are you staying? Im psyched im going to italy for 2 weeks this summer!
Kerry is a nice place and Cork is too. You should visit there when you come back. I forget the name of the hotel I am staying in. I have the name of it somewhere. I am only going for 3 nights and then another 4 nights in Sorrento. I can't wait :)
i actually did go to cork its beautiful. Do you know where in the city it is? Sorrento is really pretty. Im going to Sicily for the first time, im so excited!
I am staying in Hotel Tiberio near the Vatican. Just found out the name of the hotel. Oh Wow..Sicily..I would love to go there too. You are lucky ;)
happy st paddys day